iSmile Studio

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iSmile Studio is a dental clinic situated in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. iSmile Studio have been searching for ways to reduce business expenses in many areas. They found that a large portion of their expenses were directed towards their energy costs. With the health and safety of patients a high priority at iSmile, it was absolutely crucial that we installed durable and safe LED lighting to meet safety standards and curtail high energy costs.

LED Solution

4x 300x1200mm LED Panels
72W to 36W
50% Savings
4x 600x1200mm LED Panels
72W to 36W
50% Savings
10x Integrated LED Downlights
60W to 10W
83% Savings
7x LED Spot Lights
60W to 5W
91% Savings


Savings Summary
Existing Annual Running Costs: $1,865.33
LED Annual Running Costs: $322.88
Annual Savings: $1,542.45
10 Year Savings: $13,466.98
Payback Period: 23 months

Savings calculated on the basis of lights being on for 10 hours a day , 5 days a week (260 days a year), with an electricity rate of $0.24 per kilowatt hour. 10 year avergae includes 5% p.a maintenance fees and 2.5% p.a for inflation.