LED’s are recognised as being the safest and most efficient product on the market. In terms of science, an LED is an unidirectional current-carrying device based on light emitting properties of a p-n (positive-negative) junction. When given power, current flows from the p-side(anode) to the n-side(cathode), but not  the other way where electrons give up energy as they recombine with holes in the semiconductor crystal lattice. When an electron meets a hole, it releases energy in form of a photon (emits light).

LED’s are recognised as being the longest lasting lights on the market. LED lights can last from 25,000 hours up to 50,000 hours which is significantly better than the 2,000 hour lifespan of some halogen down lights. For a LED light with a lifespan of 25,000 hours, and an average daily use of 6 hours, you wouldn’t have to change your lights for another 11.5 years

The simple answer is yes. Dimmable LED’s are a great option if your current electrical work in your home or business contain dimmer switches. Bright LEDz have the top of the range dimmable LED lights, however only down lights are available as dimmers. Tubes and other LED lights are not available as dimmers (yet).

Kelvin (K) is the measurement of temperature used to refer to the colour output of an LED Light. LED Lights come in a wide range of colours and have no effect on the price. If you’re looking for a warm, yellowish colour then LED’s with a colour temperature of < 3000K will achieve this whereas if you’re looking for a brighter, cooler colour then LED’s with a colour temperature of > 5000 K will achieve this. We recommend you watch this video : Understanding & Choosing Colour Temperature In LED Lights, but also feel free to contact us for more information.

Unlike CFL’s, which contain mercury (dangerous to our environment and children), LED’s are 100% toxic free benefiting your health and safety whilst looking after the environment. This is the main reason why the Victorian government has introduced the VEET scheme to promote the use of LED’s and invest in a greener future. LED’s also emit no UV rays.

Depending on the cost of the light and the amount, we tend to see a full payback period under two years. Immediately after the implementation on LED’s, you will see your electricity bills reduce by up to 80% (note: the 80% reduction on your power bill is the reduction in the lighting component of your power bill). To see how much you will save, use our LED Savings Calculator.