Our Services

Lighting Consultation

Choosing the correct lighting for your home and business is crucial. Our team of expert lighting consultants can help the decision making process as easy as possible.

The lighting consultation process is about choosing a light that is both attractive and gives the right amount of light where needed. Each room has its own purpose and therefore will require a different amount of light and a different colour.

Our expert consultants will:

  • Meet at your desired location to discuss your lighting concerns
  • Offer a wide range of options for you to choose from
  • Give their recommendation of the best option
  • A comprehensive energy savings solution
  • Discuss costs and completion times

If you have your own electrician, we supply innovative  and energy efficient LED lighting products for residential, commercial and industrial use.

We can deliver them to your requested location, with no extra cost.


Since LED lighting requires little to no maintenance, it is best to install them professionally by a licensed electrician. We use our very own, professional and experienced electricians to install our LED lighting. Upon completion, they will provide a CES safety certificate.