What is colour temperature (Kelvin)?

What is colour temperatures in LED lighitng?

The colour temperature in LED lighting is the colour the light produces. The colour of the LED light is measured in Kelvins (K), so if you see anywhere in our product range with the (K) measurement, it refers to the lighting colour.

The colour spectrum ranges from 2700K to 6000K. The lower end of the spectrum (2700K – 3000K) refers to a warmer, yellowy colour. Customers prefer this colour as it similarly resembles the colour of older halogen lighting.

On the other end of the spectrum (4500K – 6000K), we start to see colours that are more whiter, preferably used in bathrooms, offices and outdoors. The higher you work up the kelvin, the more whiter the light and the more it resembles ‘daylight’.

What are lumens?

Think of lumens as a way of knowing how bright the LED light is. Lumens resemble how bright a light is.

In simple terms, Lumens (lm) are a measure of the total amount of visible light (to the human eye) from a lamp or light source. The higher the lumen rating the brighter the LED light will appear.