Why LED?

Energy Efficiency

– LED’s require less energy to power thus saving money on electricity costs

– LED’s can produce the same output as traditional lighting with up to 75% less power

– LED’s can produce more light output per watt, with a low voltage LED driver


– LED’s do not produce any UV emissions

– LED’s do not contain mercury or other dangerous chemicals like CFL’s

– LED’s are toxic free

– LED’s remain at a low tempature

Return On Investment (ROI)

– LED’s pay themselves off in the medium/long term

– LED’s require significantly less power to run thus paying less per kilowatt

– Although LED’s can be a costly initial investment, in the long term, you will pay off the initial investment while paying low lighting costs

– The graph on the right shows how much you can save over a three year period just by switching to energy efficient LED lighting.


– LED’s are extremely durable, lasting up to 55,000 hours

– LED’s do not overheat, reducing the chances of failure

– LED’s require less maintenance due to its long lasting hours

– LED’s have no filaments, reducing the risk of breaking